My Beginning!
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It was the year 1996 when I decided that I wanted to purchase a computer. I searched the newspaper looking for a used anything. I located and add for an IBM PS1. Man was I ever excited. I had no idea what to do with it but, I was excited at the thought of playing solitaire without a deck of cards. Of course back in those days every single store you went to, even mom and pops meat market had an America Online display sitting on the counter. My first ever AOL software was on a floppy disk. The PC came with windows 3.1 installed and I immediately learned that Windows 95 would be a much better option, thus I purchased my first operating system. That was also the last operating system I ever purchased (I will explain why later). Once I was a wonderful new customer to America Online (I don’t miss modems) I noticed in those chat rooms that people were scrolling data that was causing my PC to freeze and lag. I had to know why. Originally when AOL designed their software they thought it would be a great idea to support full HTML in their chatroom. In case you are wondering HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language which is a computer language for displaying web based content. Having said that when you use the tag “H1” it formats the text to display very large and bold and is called a header tag. Create a very large header tag and add a 9600 baud modem and what you end up with is a very painful online experience. Those days are LONG gone. Anyways, back to my story. I wanted to learn how they were creating these programs. This was pre-google. So opening the handy-dandy web app called Netscape I started searching. I learned about a programming language called Visual Basics and I also learned about de-compilers that would take software apart so you could reverse engineer the software. So I found a copy of VB 3.0 on the internet and I downloaded it. That took about a day and a half or so. I installed the software and said Hmm now what. After reading a few articles and de-compiling a few programs, the language made sense to me. Thus I taught myself how to program inside of Visual Basics 3.0. It took me about a week to write my first program that was usable to someone other than myself. And this is how I found my beginning in computers. Take for granted I just described only my first month. By month two I was learning C++. And to think that was twenty-two programming languages ago.

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